All BLESS events are held at its office located at 105 SW Penn, Bartlesville, OK (unless otherwise stated in the invitation)

Invitations are sent via e-mail. If you are a BLESS Association member, have not received an invitation to either of these events, and would like to be included in our e-mails, please e-mail Rachel at to be added to our list.

Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony & Reception

Each year after the BLESS Scholarship Committee interview process ends, an awards assembly and reception is held to announce the upcoming school year's scholarship recipients.

All current recipients and their parents are encouraged to attend. This event is also open to all past recipients and their spouses or significant others.

BLESS Association Objective

The BLESS Association's objective is exclusively to promote and maintain friendships between all BLESS Recipients. It has no membership fees or hidden agenda to seek contributions from its members.